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We're working on a lot of game ideas, all the time. That is one advantage of having a good number of designers/developers all working together. We never have a shortage of ideas. Most aren't very good, but that is the nature of ideation. You never know when the best ideas are going to come, and you'll never find the great ideas if you don't get the bad ones out first.

Here you'll find a platform for presenting our most polished game ideas. It includes both board/card and roleplaying games in various stages of completion. Some of what you'll see here is in the late stages of development, while others are still being iterated upon. We welcome your thoughts and feedback on all of our games. Or feel free to just browse the descriptions or download materials. 

As we continue to polish, or even publish the games, you can follow our progress on our blog.

Pancake House is the newest title in late-stage development from Accidental Cyclops. As servers at a popular pancake house, players must work to rapidly and accurately fill orders for their patrons in order to accumulate tips. It is a family game, suitable for most ages and skill levels.

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The Emperor is dying, and with him six decades of prosperity could come to an end. Only you have the grace and wisdom to succeed, but first you must prove your potential to the Conclave. Form Alliances. Defeat your rivals. Ascend to the throne.

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