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Pancake House

In Testing.
Pancake House Playtest

'Cause Who Doesn't Like Pancakes

Pancake House

Ages 7+

2 - 6 Players

10 Minutes

Gather ’round for a heaping helping of hotcakes! Pancake House is a family game, designed for simultaneous play for up to 6 players. It is a fast-paced dexterity and pattern recognition game that allows for infite replayability, is appropriate for all ages.

7 years, 4 names, 1 great game!

Princes: The Italian Renaissance

Ages 12+

3 - 5 Players

60 Minutes

Embody one of the great noble houses of the Italian Renaissance, leveraging your reputation to gain influence and power over commerce, the Church, other nobles, and the working class. Princes uses a first-of-its-kind “reputation management system” and elements of drafting and engine-building to create a unique, strategic experience.

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