Prototyping a Game

I hate to break it to you, but just having an idea for a board game isn't enough. It isn't nearly enough. You need to have something physical for your players to play/interact with.
Mikey Hawryluk
November 5, 2018
Gaming Business

What’s in a name?

It's quite difficult to find a small series of words (or just one) that capture the theme and play of a game, while being unique (and hopefully fun or clever) at the same time.
Mikey Hawryluk
September 5, 2014
GenConIndie Games

Reflections on our GenCon LARP

I ran my First GenCon event with Jason Ward and Accidental Cyclops. We ran a LARP using Matt McFarland’s Curse the Darkness setting and a light version of Rob Wieland’s Fate rules for the setting. We ended up with 22 players, including at least 3 people who had never LARPed,…
Todd Grotenhuis
August 28, 2014