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Our thoughts on games and

game design, added sporadically.

What we’ve learned

We’re amateurs in the game design industry. That may seem like a drawback, but it has allowed us to approach the last few years with an eye toward innovation and a mind for learning.

Beyond gaming

From technology, to the social sciences, to graphic design, our real lives grant us some pretty unique insights into the gaming industry.

Protospiel Play Test by Accidental Cyclops
Game Design Philosophy

Games as Experiences

Games are designed experiences. In the end, having a stellar game is about creating an immersive, interesting and engaging experience, which is at the heart of most kinds of design.
Game Design Philosophy

The Pitch: Vetting Your Game Design

The accountability that a team creates is critical to pushing only the best ideas forward and keeping momentum in the game design process.

About Our Games

We draw our game design inspiration from numerous places, whether at other entrpreneurial endeavors (RocketBuild, Uru Security, Boardable), our work in higher education (CHE, IU School of Medicine) and nonprofits (Gleaners), from other designers we love, or in our roles within the game publishing industry.

Beyond just being fun, most of our games also have some form of social commentary, speculative fictional elements, historical lessons, or broader message. Why? Because games should be a reflection of culture, just like all creative content. Well-designed products and experiences should always make us question how or why we do things. Games are no different.

Here are a few of our upcoming titles. For a full roster of current games in development, click here.

Of Dreams and Nightmares: Blindsided

| GenCon | No Comments
Meet Gabriel and Glover, two warriors sworn to protect a cluster of dream-realms from the unknown horrors of the Dreamlands, as they encounter an unknown entity.', '“The Ether is a frightening place. But that really dumbs down the horror of it. In all reality, it is worse than frightening. It…

Here's Some Stuff Nearing Completion

Pancake House

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The Real Thing

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