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About Our Games

Game design is a team sport, and we are constantly practicing! We draw inspiration from numerous places, whether at other entrepreneurial endeavors, our work in higher education and nonprofits, orĀ other designers we love.

Beyond just being fun, most of our games also have some form of social commentary, speculative fictional elements, historical lessons, or broader message. Why? Because games should be a reflection of culture, just like all creative content. Well-designed products and experiences should always make us question how or why we do things. Games are no different.

We happily work with other designers, brands, and publishers. Please check out some of our friends: Faith No More (band), Emily Hare (artist), Indie Game Developers Network, and Ghostfire Gaming.

What we’ve learned

We’re amateurs in the game design industry. That may seem like a drawback, but it has allowed us to approach the last few years with an eye toward innovation and a mind for learning.

Beyond gaming

From technology, to the social sciences, to professional design, our work lives and educations grant us unique insights into the game design process and the gaming industry.

Game Design Philosophy

The Language Barrier in Game Design

Here at Accidental Cyclops, we spend a lot of time thinking about words. Sexy, right? Designing a game takes a lot of thought about how to present ideas, often complex or abstract ideas. Many of the ideas we are working on require a shared understanding about what specific words or…
Game Design Philosophy

Depth vs. Complexity

If an idea requires complexity to make it work within your game concept, then it might not be the right idea. Furthermore, if your rules require a complex flowchart, it might be time to start over.