Who We Are

Accidental Cyclops is a collective of board, card and role-playing game enthusiasts, trying our hand at contributing to the hobby we love. Our goal is simple: to help each other design board games and RPGs that we would like to play. Along the way, we’ll be reviewing other games, documenting our methodologies, inviting others to test our designs, and talking about the art and science of game design.

We invite you to join us for this journey by contributing to discussions on our blog, social media and BoardGameGeek.

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Jul 10, 2015
Meet Gabriel and Glover, two warriors sworn to protect a cluster of dream-realms from the unknown horrors of the Dreamlands, as they encounter an unknown entity....
Jul 09, 2015
Not all Lucid share the same understanding about what the dreamlands are, or what should be done with the power that they wield. As people are wont to do, Lucid often congrega...