Of Dreams and Nightmares: Up in Smoke

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Todd and I are slowly narrowing in on the setting and plot material for the Of Dreams and Nightmares LARP for GenCon 2015. We already have a good number of participants registered (thanks folks!), and we are getting excited. We hope to see more of you on Thursday, 7/30/15 at 8pm.

For more about the game and setting, visit here!

Now, for the third part in our blog series about the setting…

Up in Smoke

The world was a blur of green, grey and brown as Lithium darted through the fields of marijuana plants and the haze of pot smoke. He was speeding through his own dream realm, trying to escape the blaze that he did not set. The air was intoxicating, but Lithium was able to will away the effects of the THC… as much as he wished he didn’t have to.

He pushed as hard as he could on his board, and the wheels fell off. He was no longer skating down the weed-lined street. He had willed himself into the air, reminiscent of the hover boards from Back to the Future. Luckily there was no truck full of manure for him to wreck into here. As he floated, he slowly gained elevation and speed. Soon he would be at the edge of his realm, on the hillside where he could get a better look at the cause of the fire.

Lithium looked at his watch. It looked back at him, a wry grin on its face. It even managed a wave with its big hand; just to prove that it was still in control. “Damnit,” he said to himself as he neared the top of the hill, “I really need to work on that whole time control thing.”

The smoke was spreading quickly, and it obscured his view back toward the center of his realm. Lithium pushed down hard on the tail of his board, executing a perfect ollie, which accelerated him straight upward. Within seconds he was climbing above the haze.

The hill was below him, visible only because of the iridescent blue leaves on the massive tree he had always dreamed about. Back the way he had come, the smoke-haze filled the air. The only flames visible were at his point of origin, his sanctum.

Until a few minutes ago, he had been chilling in his sanctum with a few of his dreamland friends. Santiago, Tailspin and Kobiashi always felt safe coming to Lithium’s den. It was chill, calm and pretty far from anything stressful. Besides, Lithium had dreamed up a seriously boss strain of pot, but it only persisted in his realm. What more reason did a bunch of teenage burnouts need?

But sometime between smoking their last joint and finishing a debate about America’s treatment of Japanese immigrants during World War II, the den started getting real warm. Stranger, it started getting fuzzy, like looking through lightly frosted glass. Everything was distorted, and started losing shape.

Lithium shouted for his pals to bail, and they all bolted back to their own realms. After watching his place start to melt, he decided to grab his board and skedaddle. Three minutes later and he was hovering over his favorite tree, on his favorite hill, watching his favorite place burn, melt and become obscured by smoke.

Lithium plopped down on his board, still hovering a hundred feet above the ground. He stared in disbelief as the marijuana laden haze spread outward. The haze looked like normal grey and white smoke along the edges, and it gave off that unmistakable aroma of pot. But as the haze spread, the center darkened. The den had all but melted into a puddle of indiscernible ‘dream-stuff’, and the nearby field was beginning to puddle as well. Then the whole area began to darken, and the colors washed away to a deep blackness, flecked with tiny bits of glowing… something.

As hard as he concentrated, he couldn’t counter the erosion of his utopia. Lithium couldn’t sit around and wait any longer. What had taken him nearly two years of dreaming in the real world to build was disappearing. He’d have to start over. But, if he waited here any longer, he might risk losing himself as well.

With an exasperated ‘sigh,’ he skated to the edge of his realm. “I have to get to Janus. He’ll know what to do.” Lithium was lucky that he had practiced some striding over the years, otherwise the trip to The Monastery would have been a long and treacherous one.

With a grunt and a slight push, he shoved himself through the barrier and into the murky depths of the Ether beyond.

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