Of Dreams and Nightmares: Narrative One

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Dreams are not as simple and meaningless as most people believe. There is power in dreaming, and we are the few who can harness that power. We are explorers and conquerors, inventors and artists. We are lucid.’, ‘

Accidental Cyclops is pleased to host our second annual GenCon LARP on Thursday July 30th at 8pm. This year we will be exploring a custom setting using a modified version of the Blood & Tears LARP system. Check out the event registration here, and stay up to date on the game page here.

Now, for the first part in our blog series about the setting…

We Are Lucid

Dreams are not as simple and meaningless as most people believe.

Modern science has subjugated the understanding of dreams to fringe psychology at best, and more often to the vagaries of religion and spiritualism. While these philosophies offer some insights into the meanings of dreams, there is far more power in them than any black frock or white labcoat will ever know. There is an entire grey area yet to be explored, understood and mastered.

There are those among the living and the dead who understand dreams better than most of us understand gravity, the weather, or trigonometry. We have explored the Dreamlands during our lucid moments. We have carved out a small corner of the cosmos over which we have total control. These fractions of a fraction of the Dreamlands may be tantamount to a grain of sand on the bottom of the ocean, but few and mighty are we who have endured the abyss to claim such a speck as our own.

We have always existed, or so we believe. Since the apes began using tools and upon Eve’s first night of rest outside of the garden, we have been crafting the Dreamlands while we slept and daydreamed. The ancient Romans called our kind the Vigilans, meaning “the wakeful.” We are history’s muses and artists, cosmologists and astronomers, theologians and theoretical physicists, inventors and poets. We have pushed the boundary between what IS in the real world and what CAN BE.

We are The Lucid. Everyone else is the static. They are the background noise that lets us know the broadcast is still there, even if we aren’t listening anymore. They are the comforting hum that helps us fall asleep and leave the mundane behind. They are monotonous, and regrettably forgettable. And that is the problem…

The power we wield in our own dreams may be massive, perhaps even infinite, but it is maintained only by having strong anchors in the mundane world. Our connections to people, places and memories are what ground us and keep us from getting lost in the astral. They shield us from the warping influence of others by helping us maintain our sense of self. For without ME, I cannot dream. And if I cannot dream, I am static.

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