Of Dreams and Nightmares: Costuming

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If you like costuming, the Dreamlands LARP has a lot of great options for you!

In this event (Clash of Dreams and Nightmares), your characters have been in the Dreamlands for a while, protecting their domains from the shifts that are happening across the dreamscape. The waking world is starting to be forgotten, and people, places, things and even time itself has become muddled.

Fortunately, that doesn’t matter, because most Lucid don’t clothe themselves in the stylings of modernity. Instead, they tend to use the malleability of the dreamlands as an excuse to express themselves in interesting ways.

Here are some guidelines, based on character specialty.


The most proficient Lucid at traversing the Dreamlands tend to use clothes that help fit in as they make their way through different realms. This goes in one of two directions: Either with an assortment of changeable layers to meet the landscape (like a disguise artist or survivalist), or simple garments that don’t stand out in many settings (muted colors and simple cuts).


Those proficient in creating memories and enforcing anchors tend to wear clothes that awaken emotional connections and nostalgia for the physical world. They tend towards things that remind themselves and others of important events, locations or people. Festival and holiday themes (Christmas, Halloween, weddings, graduation, induction, etc.) are common, as are universal childhood obsessions (superheroes, princesses, famous characters, etc.).


Specialists in altering the nature of realms within the Dreamlands tend to wear the most bold, alien, and wild outfits. These are often fanciful, futuristic or entirely anachronistic. Why follow convention when you create it?


Those proficient in bolstering their waking selves with the accoutrements of the Dreamlands are the most likely to involve platonic or abstract ideas. Even more than others, their clothing will reflect the ethos of stylized realms: love, fire, greed, forests, etc. Many charmers embrace the use of specific symbols reflecting their idealized selves, such as religious or spiritual totems, or aspects of the concepts that they revere, such as pure elements or animal trappings.


Lucid that focus on influencing the hearts and minds of ancient Lucid and other permanent denizens of the Dreamlands tend to wear styles that harken back to times from long ago (“period” clothing, ancient clothing, etc.) or styles that denote authority (political, military, religious, etc.). These help to bolster their influence in dealing with the long-dreaming.

The Locales…

In addition, you may be curious about the sanctuaries where the game will be taking place, places where your characters have come to find succor and form a defense against what is taking place. These, too, may impact how you want to do your costuming. Here is a brief introduction to the three sites:

Island Shrine: this idyllic landscape is a tropical paradise and tranquil place of meditation and healing.

Castle Library: this heavily-fortified castle houses a grand sitting room with comfortable chairs and rare books of antiquity…some real and some fanciful.

Family Table: this big table on the old farm is filled with comforts foods, great drinks, and laughter.

Remember, you can completely control how you look. Have fun with costuming!

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