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Posted July 10, 2015 
Meet Gabriel and Glover, two warriors sworn to protect a cluster of dream-realms from the unknown horrors of the Dreamlands, as they encounter an unknown entity.
Posted July 9, 2015 
Not all Lucid share the same understanding about what the dreamlands are, or what should be done with the power that they wield. As people are wont to do, Lucid often congregate into groups and factions that help them understand the dreamlands and their place within them.
Posted July 8, 2015 
Attending Accidental Cyclops' 2015 GenCon LARP? Well here is everything you'll need to know about characters and how to play Of Dreams and Nightmares!
Posted June 26, 2015 
More fiction from Of Dreams and Nightmares! Join us for the GenCon 2015 LARP hosted by Accidental Cyclops.
Posted June 23, 2015 
You are invited to the GenCon 2015 LARP hosted by Accidental Cyclops. Explore the Dreamlands with 30 others as we tell the story of an invading sickness that threatens the personal realms of countless Lucid.
Posted June 3, 2015 
Wondering what to wear for the Dreamlands LARP at GenCon this year? Well, we have some suggestions to help you get into character!
Posted May 18, 2015 
Dreams are not as simple and meaningless as most people believe. There is power in dreaming, and we are the few who can harness that power. We are explorers and conquerors, inventors and artists. We are lucid.

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