About Accidental Cyclops

Accidental Cyclops began as an experiment to see if a few friends could make a game that we ourselves would want to play. We didn't really have a plan, but we had a handful of ideas, and we knew what sorts of game experiences we liked. After just a few weeks of pitching ideas back and forth, we felt like we had a solid team that encompassed the core needs for designing games. We don't always agree, and we don't all share the same ideas about what makes a game great, but we are supportive and willing to put in the time and effort needed to create fun experiences. Now we consider ourselves a game design collective, where we feel empowered to succeed or fail, but never on our own.

Most folks try to go it alone with game design. We knew right up front that none of us had the time, nor the motivation, frankly, to make that work. Besides, the collaboration and evolution that comes from bouncing ideas, riffing off one another, and just enjoying the experience makes the process more fun. We think it also makes the end product better. Our team has expertise and interest in a number of areas including design, marketing, business, art, writing, the social sciences, technology and, of course, gaming. This conglomeration of skills and talents helps us elevate our game (and hopefully our games!), and having numerous minds in varying states of agreement and disagreement helps to ensure that there is some healthy disruption in our thinking and development.

The end result? For now we're focused on trying new things and having fun along the way. By the time we get good at this, we hope to have a handful of games, both board and roleplaying, that others enjoy. Along the way we'll be publishing our thoughts, epiphanies, struggles and lessons learned. We hope you'll join us for the ride!

If you are interested in who we are, individually rather than collectively, check out our Team page.

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